100 Doctoral Students

On 30 April 2014 the Gerda Henkel Foundation...

... celebrated the 100th birthday of its founder Lisa Maskell (1914-1998), who set up the Foundation in 1976 in memory of her mother Gerda Henkel. In line with one of the founder’s particular wishes, the Gerda Henkel Foundation especially supports young scholars.

In the almost 40 years of its existence, the Gerda Henkel Foundation has awarded scholarships to over 1,000 doctoral students. In honour of our founder, 100 former PhD scholarship holders of the Foundation took this opportunity to review the period when they were working on their dissertation. Starting on 30 April, we have published short portraits of “100 Doctoral Students”:

Dr. Sonia Abun-Nasr

Photo: Matthias Giger, Kantonsbibliothek Vadiana

Dr. Ingmar Ahl

Dr. David Bartosch

Dr. Manuel Bärwald

Manuel Bärwald at the opening of the multimedia travelling exhibition “Klangraum Mitteldeutschland” (Soundscape Central Germany) in front of pupils at Evangelisches Kreuzgymnasium secondary school in Dresden

Prof. Dr. Franz Alto Bauer

Prof. Dr. Martin Baumeister

Prof. Dr. Daniel Bellingradt

Photo: Monic Johanna Wollschläger

Prof. Dr. Frank Bernstein

Photo: Leonhard Schumacher

Dr. Sigrid Bertuleit

Photo: Museum Georg Schäfer

Dr. Annette Böhm

Congress on Underwater Archaeology at the Kelten Römer Museum Manching, 2013. Photo: Mr. Orgeldinger

Dr. Gisela Bungarten

Dr. Tiziana Caianiello

Dr. Tiziana Caianiello with a work of the ZERO-artist Otto Piene. Photo: Franziska Megert / ZERO foundation, Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum

Photo: A. Koroll

Dr. Folke Damminger

Dr. Folke Damminger at a press event in Pforzheim. Photo: Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, Archäologische Denkmalpflege (Mittelalter), Reiner Auch

Dr. Anna Degler

Photo: Philipp Zobel

Dr. Jörg Matthias Determann

Dr. André Dombrowski

Dr. André Dombrowski during a reading from "Cézanne, Murder, and Modern Life" (University of California Press 2013), Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, 19. September 2013. Photo: Megan Velong

Dr. Anna Echterhölter

Dr. Jacob S. Eder

Dr. Jacob S. Eder next to a pile of archive boxes.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Eichhorn

Photo: Klaus Näumann

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier

Dr. Alexandra Engelfried

Prof. Dr. Johanna Fabricius

Dr. Alexander Free

Dr. Susanne Froehlich

Dr. Susanne Froehlich explains some inscription texts on a Roman milstone during an excursion. Photo: Philipp Pilhofer

Dr. Robert Fuchs

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs

Dr. Nepomuk Gasteiger

Dr. Alexander C. T. Geppert

Dr. Axel Gering

Dr. Sebastian Gießmann

Photo: CC-BY de.hypotheses.org

Dr. Jana Glorius

Dr. Judith M. Grünberg

The participants of the international conference on "Mesolithic Burials - Rites, symbols and social organisation of early postglacial communities" in the Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte in Halle (Saale), 18.-21. September 2013. Dr. Judith M. Grünberg in the front row at the far right.Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle (Saale), Photo: A. Hörentrup

Dr. Bahargül Hamut

Dr. Bahargül Hamut in the British Museum, London

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Haug-Moritz

One sponsored dissertation has led to many doctoral students: Wolfgang Goederle, Lukas Lang, Prof. Haug-Moritz, Doris Gruber, Thomas Schreiber, Sarah Bundschuh, Evelyn Knappitsch (f.l.t.r.).

Dr. Dorothee Heinzelmann

Dr. Sophie Helas

Photo: Stefan Kiel, Magdeburg

Dr. Karl Gerhard Hempel

Dr. Karl Gerhard Hempel in the Museum of Taranto.

Dr. Marcus Heinrich Hermanns

At work as an underwater archaeologist for the Landesdenkmalamt Baden-Württemberg 2011.

Dr. Stefanie Hoss

Dr. Stefanie Hoss in an ancient mikveh in Horvat 'Ethri during a research stay in Israel.

Dr. Simone Husemann

Dr. Simone Husemann in the Museum of Wiesbaden. Photo: Uwe Stotz

Dr. Mahmoud Kandil

Dr. Mahmoud Kandil (left side) at the inauguration of the exhibition "Napoleon an Rhein, Wupper und Dhünn", Opladen, May 2011.

Dr. Kerem Kayi

Dr. Kerem Kayi (right side) in the bookstore of Ayhan Tansuker in Istanbul.

Prof. Dr. Margit Kern

Prof. Dr. Martin Kintzinger

Prof. Dr. Martin Kintzinger in Paris, today the most important place of his international cooperation. Photo: Holger Kupfer, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Yvonne Kleinmann

Dr. Holger Kockelmann

Epigraphical studies at the temples of Philae, March 2012

Dr. Martin Krispin

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kroll

Dr. Şevket Küçükhüseyin

Photo: Steven P. Carnarius

Dr. Thomas Labusiak

Dr. Thomas Labusiak with the so called Otto-Adelheid-Evangeliar of the Quedlinburger Domschatz, a manuscript of the year 1000. Photo: Chris Wohlfeld, Quedlinburg

Dr. Hannes Lachmann

Dr. Petra Lange-Berndt

Mildred's Lane, Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, 2010

PD Dr. Uwe Lübken

Dr. Ute Lucarelli

Photo: ZU/Ilja Mess (Dr. Ute Lucarelli right side)

Dr. Ingrid Männl

Dr. Ingrid Männl at a talk about the fundraising project for the restoration of the Order of St. John's genealogical table at the "Archives Day", March 4th, 2012 in the Geheimen Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz.Photo: Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Bildstelle/Christine Ziegler

Prof. Dr. Christoph Marx

Dr. Albrecht Matthaei

Dr. Markus Leo Mock

Photo: Holger Kupfer, Berlin

Dr. Verena Mogl

An idea of what was probably my most pleasant activity while working on my dissertation – listening to music (here the current double CD by Gidon Kremer with works by Weinberg).

Dr. Marcus Mrass

Restoration workshop ATELIER ARSLONGA - Gabi Leinz

Prof. Dr. Eduard Mühle

Photo: DHI Warschau

Prof. Dr. Harald Müller

Photo: Peter Winandy

Dr. Silke Müth-Frederiksen

Dr. Silke Müth-Frederiksen during the field work in Messene, Lakonian gate. Photo: C. Huguenot

Prof. Dr. Johannes Myssok

Dr. Juliane Noth

Photo: Hubert Graml, 2013

PD Dr. Salvatore Ortisi

Collecting materials during ongoing teaching and research excavations in the Roman vicus of Nettersheim.

Dr. Christoph Otterbeck

Photo: Angela Weber

Dr. Arzu Öztürk

Dr. Arzu Ötürk in the middle.

Dr. Anna Pawlak

Dr. Klaus Petry

Prof. Dr. Felix Pirson

Prof. Dr. Felix Pirson (second from right) with Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Gehrke and employees of the Pergamon-Excavation in the so called rock sanctuary in Pergamon. Photo: DAI-Pergamon-Excavation

Prof. Dr. Richard Posamentir

Prof. Dr. Richard Posamentir during the excavation in Milet.

Dr. Ruben Quaas

Dr. Annelie Ramsbrock

Dr. Anna-Katharina Rieger

Dr. Felix Römer

Dr. Marion Röwekamp

Dr. Marion Röwekamp in the courtyard of her department. Photo: Sandy Selesky

Dr. Tina Rudersdorf

Photo: Max Weber Stiftung

Dr. Alfred Schäfer

Dr. Alfred Schäfer in front of the remains of one of the five gatehouses of the Roman wall of Cologne at the side of the Rhine, last decade of the 1st century AD. The "construction zone photo" is characteristic for his work as an archaeological monument conservator. Photo: Steve Bödecker

Dr. Irmhild Schäfer

Dr. Irmhild Schäfer in the Institute for Book and Manuscript Restoration of the Bavarian State Library.

Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Schattner

Dr. Thomas Schattner and the foreman Manuel Canto during a terrain reconnaissance in the Sierra Morena, Andalusia, Spain. Photo: DAI, Madrid Department

Dr. Olaf Schneider

Dr. Kerstin Schulmeyer-Ahl

Employee meeting, Dr. Kerstin Schulmeyer-Ahl on the right side.

Dr. Irina Shvets

Dr. Brigitte Sölch

Dr. Kurt Daniel Stahl

Dr. Maya Kerstin Stiller

Prof. Stiller studying a portrait of a Korean Buddhist monk at the Ethnological Museum in Hamburg, February 2012.

Dr. Neela Struck

Neela Struck in the first exhibition, for which she was assisting during her traineeship in Hamburg. Photo: Hamburger Kunsthalle/Sammlung Hirschsprung, Kopenhagen. Christine Grosche

Dr. Beate Sturm

Kleve municipal archives, signature of the photo: KA Kle F3, 11005

Prof. Dr. Monika Trümper

Prof. Dr. Monika Trümper during her research on Greek bathing culture in a bathtub in a public Greec bath in Euhemeria (Egypt), 2007.

Dr. Syrinx Carola von Hees

Dr. Syrinx Hees in a meeting of the working group ALEA "Arabic Literature and Rhetoric, 1100-1800", University of Münster. Photo: Brigitte Heeke, University of Münster.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike von Hirschhausen

Dr. Philipp Freiherr von Rosen

Dr. Arndt Weinrich

Dr. Christiane Wienand

Dr. Christiane Wienand in front of the bay of the townhall of Heidelberg, which is dedicated to the remembrance of the German prisoners of war. Photo: J. Wienand

Dr. Gabriele Wimböck

Prof. Dr. Alfons Zettler

Prof. Dr. Alfons Zettler (2. v. l.) and other "castle researchers" at Birchiburg/Südschwarzwald. Photo: Johanna Regnath, 2009

PD Dr. Volker Zimmermann

PD Dr. Volker Zimmermann during a Bohemians meeting of the Collegium Carolinum in Munich, March 2012. Photo: Collegium Carolinum

PD Dr. Cornel Zwierlein

Prof. Dr. Cornel Anton Zwierlein in the deepest basement of the Widener Library ("Pusey 3"), Harvard. In the basement are standing the older open access holdings which represent the core of the secondary literature holdings. The shelving is electronically movable.