Facts and Figures

Growth in funding provided

The first Gerda Henkel Foundation Annual Report for 1977 notes that the Board of Trustees and the Management approved funding of some 540,000 deutschmarks for 21 projects. Since then, the Foundation’s total assets and the number of projects supported have gratifyingly risen. Only ten years later almost 500 scientific undertakings had been supported, and a total of around 14.5 million deutschmarks had been allocated to them. At present, the management office is liaising with some 1,520 on-going projects that are receiving funding – and in the more than 40 years of the Foundation’s existence, worldwide more than 7,400 research projects have been supported, with total funds committed of about EUR 210 million.

Distribution of funding
among funding areas

In the 2018 reporting year, the Board of Trustees, the Academic Advisory Council and the Executive Board granted funds amounting to a total of 15,805,541.27 euros. These have been allocated to individual funding areas as follows:

of funding 2019

Asset allocation

The following overview shows the diversification of assets among the various asset classes:

Balance sheet 2019

In the following balance-sheet overview of the asset situation the individual items are grouped according to economic and financial aspects: