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L.I.S.A. (19.02.2013)

With the launch of the L.I.S.A. interactive and multimedia science portal the Gerda Henkel Foundation offers an online platform for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and networking in the Historical Humanities. The L.I.S.A. acronym derives from the portal's main capabilities – to read, inform, write, and exchange, or in German: Lesen, Informieren, Schreiben and Austauschen. L.I.S.A. also evokes the name of the founder of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Lisa Maskell, who in 1976 set the Foundation up in memory of her mother, Gerda Henkel.

The initiative aims to make available contributions from all areas of the historical sciences, archaeology, and art history, so addressing the demand for interdisciplinary information on the historical humanities. L.I.S.A. - the Gerda Henkel Foundation's science portal is publicly accessible since spring 2010. Gerda Henkel Foundation scholarship holders and project partners, as well as anyone else that has an interest in the historical humanities, are invited to share their knowledge on the portal. Internationally renowned academics and young researchers will be able to take part via conference reporting, literary reviews, event announcements, pod casts, dossiers, expert chats and online lectures. The portal contains text, image, and video elements.

The portal offers the following sections

Current articles

Articles and editorials - including video and audio files, interviews, event tips, exhibition and convention reports, reviews, and talks with experts.

More than 300 professionally produced academic films, documenting research projects conducted by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, divided up into two series.

Live video discussions with scientists about current research topics, in which all those interested can ask questions.


Interactive platform, in which researchers join forces and work together on a topic they determine. Only the corresponding members have access.

Author's network

Directory of all portal members with business card, contact data and research profile - to date more than 1,600 authors.

More about the Science Portal

Click here for L.I.S.A., the Gerda Henkel Foundation's science portal. Alongside the German language version, portal users have an English language navigation system and accompanying user interface.

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Contact Persons Science Portal

Georgios Chatzoudis M.A.
Head of Public Relations and Communication

Judith Wonke, M.A.
Online Editor / Project Assistant General Research and PhD Grants

Lena Reuter, M.A.
Project Manager Public Relations and Communication