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Press release, 08/16/2011 in English
80 research videos in English

The editorial team at L.I.S.A. – the science portal of the Gerda Henkel Foundation has responded to the high and steadily increasing number of page impressions outside German-speaking countries by having the 80 film episodes of produced to date spoken in English. This effectively makes the science portal L.I.S.A. fully bilingual, meaning L.I.S.A. can be called up and used in both German and English. Content posted on the portal will continue to appear only in the original language selected by the user.

In offering a dedicated film portal, is responding to the growing importance of the Internet as a platform for playing all kinds of films. The 80 video episodes cover projects supported by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. Eight teams of researchers recorded their work using professional video equipment. The resulting raw footage was professionally edited to produce ten 30-minute episodes. Following over 300,000 page impressions worldwide to date, a second series is currently being made, which will also be produced in English from the start.

Click on the following link to access, the video service of L.I.S.A. – the science portal of the Gerda Henkel Foundation:

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