Corona Emergency Assistance Fund

...for scholarship holders

Corona Emergency Assistance Fund

The Gerda Henkel Foundation is fully aware that given the current emergency situation and the associated restrictions, various of its partners who are receiving financing are facing special challenges, and in the one or other case are not at present able to undertake their research work as originally scheduled.

For this reason, the Foundation’s boards have convened and set up an emergency assistance fund populated with a total of one million Euros. By means of this fund, the Foundation seeks to provide additional assistance to scholars and researchers whom it is already supporting and whose projects are especially hard-hit by the Coronavirus crisis. The intention is to assist such scholars in concluding their studies.

The fund is destined first and foremost to assist Foundation stipend holders whose financing expires in the course of this year. It offers them the opportunity to submit a well-reasoned application for an extension to the scholarship financing by up to three months. In special cases, applications can be made for the Foundation to bear additional costs related to the current restrictions, such as, for example, cancellation costs or the need for additional physical resources (e.g., digital copies).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your assistance for the Foundation’s respective funding programme.