Former Members of the Executive Board

Dr Friedrich Kleine

Executive Board member from 1976 until 1981

Friedrich Kleine was, alongside Hans-Joachim Ulbrich, a founding member of the Executive Board. As of 1945 he was employed at Henkel & Cie GmbH. After becoming Head of Department as well as Head of Company Law in Germany, he was appointed Director of Henkel & Cie GmbH in 1969.

Dr Hans-Joachim Ulbrich

Executive Board member from 1976 until 1997

Hans-Joachim Ulbrich obtained a doctorate in Law with a dissertation on American tax law and worked for many years in the statutes commission at the University of Cologne. He was appointed to the Executive Board when the Gerda Henkel Foundation was established; from the end of 1981 he was the sole member.

Dr Elisabeth Hemfort

Executive Board member from 1997 until 2003

Elisabeth Hemfort completed a PhD in Art History and worked in the Gerda Henkel Foundation office as of 1991. She was appointed acting Executive Board member in 1997, and from 2000 full member.