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Press release, 02/15/2012

Researching abroad
The Gerda Henkel Foundation and European Commission launch the second round of their M4HUMAN programme

Scholars planning a longer research stay abroad have until 15 June 2012 to apply to the Gerda Henkel Foundation for a Marie Curie Fellowship. In the context of its “M4HUMAN” programme (“Mobility for experienced researchers in historical humanities and Islamic studies”), the Foundation’s Office welcomes applications detailing research plans in the field of the historical humanities or on a topic within the special research programme “Islam, the modern nation state and transnational movements” supported by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. This is a joint initiative of the Gerda Henkel Foundation and European Commission. Following a successful start last year, when some 40 applicants from 17 countries were accepted into the programme, the sponsoring partners are now offering additional funding for up to 60 fellowships.

More information online
The Gerda Henkel Foundation Board of Trustees is responsible for awarding the grants on the basis of a recommendation by an international committee. Applicants may be experienced researchers or young scholars from anywhere in the world who wish to spend the majority of their two-year fellowship period at an overseas research institute of their choice. Further information on the nature and scope of support as well as the application procedure is available online at:

The Gerda Henkel Foundation
The Gerda Henkel Foundation was set up in Düsseldorf in 1976 by Lisa Maskell (1914–1998) in memory of her mother Gerda Henkel. The sole purpose of the Foundation is to advance scholarly research. The Foundation is active in Germany and worldwide and since its establishment has supported almost 6,000 international research projects with around €100 million.

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